Your Personal Shoutout on The Show

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You want us to say it? We'll say it. (Be reasonable, ya beautiful weirdos!)

No but seriously - we've built a super community of good peeps, and we wanna share it together. Want a shoutout on for you or a friend or a family member or a loved one on The What If? Podcast?, sent out to thousands of listeners?

Just check out with one of these in your cart, enter your message (200 words or less) on the checkout page in the "Special Instructions For The Seller" box, put in who and/or how you want us to read it, and listen in for your shoutout!

Lookin' for some extra details on the Shoutouts program? Here's what you need to know:

What the heck is it?

Shoutouts are one-off messages for What If? listeners at an affordable price. In other words, the same exact message can only run once. You give us some words on the checkout page, and you'll get you, your friend, your family member, or your business shouted out on an upcoming episode. That's it!

What the heck is it not?

Shoutouts aren't intended for ongoing advertising campaigns. If you're interested in sponsoring The What If? Podcast on an ongoing basis, you want to get your message out on a specific date, you want to see our listener data, or you want to sponsor more than one episode, we'd be happy to discuss our rates! Just send us an email at

What if I want to schedule my shoutout?

Messages are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. We can try to honor scheduled asks - just put that in your details on the next page. If you want more clean scheduling for ads, just send us an email, and let's discuss!